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A quick hello & prayers

Hello from Team Brazil!  We just wanted to say hi to you all real quick before we all head our separate ways for spring break.  Once the team is back together spring quarter, we will all provide an introduction of another member of the team here on the blog.  Also look forward to hearing about some exciting team fundraisers our team will be doing in the spring. (Which may involve chocolate!  Oh yeah.  Be excited.)  We’ve already had a few team meetings, and God has been evident in the way that our team has begun to grow together.  Each of us is excited to see what God has in store for us in Brazil, as we join in the work that God and His people are already doing there.

That said, our team covets your prayers.  Please be praying for both our time in Brazil and this time beforehand as we prepare and grow as a team.  Pray that God would give us eyes to see and seek Him clearly through this process.  Pray that we would grow to better love each other as a team, and come to enjoy each other’s company more and more.  Pray for the people of Brazil whom we will be joining in ministry this summer, that God would be working in and through them even now.  We are incredibly grateful for any time that you can take to pray for our team and our trip–thank you!

Look forward to lots more blog posts here come spring quarter!  Until then, blessings to you all.

-Team Brasil (Emmanuel, Ria, Mary Claire, Heather, Bekah, Kevin, and Brian)

p.s. To get you all in the Brazilian mood, click here for the Brazilian national anthem!



Here’s how to provide financial support!

Brazil Donation Form

Download this form, write in a SPRINTer’s name, detach and mail the donation slip with your check payable to SPU.  Your donation is tax-deductible and will be a great help as students prepare for their SPRINT trips!

Questions about the donation process?  Email Owen Sallee: owen@spu.edu

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