SPRINT Brazil 2013

Seattle Pacific University students learning and serving alongside local leaders in Brazil.

The first few days…

Bom noite!

This is Bekah and Emmanuel, here for a short update! Tomorrow, the team will head into our first week of “real project” work in Carenguejo, the squatter settlement in which Kevin lived and worked. But we wanted to quickly fill you in on what we’ve been up to since arriving…

This is only the end of our third full day in Brasil, but it has felt like much longer! We spent the past few days settling into the unit house we are staying in and getting a feel for life in Recife. On our first day, we met Fabio, Cristiano, and Angela–some of our hosts who are connected to AMAI and local Mennonite churches. Tonight we got to visit our first Mennonite church, Igreja Menonita de Lagoa Encantada. It was an awesome, lively service that included a song in which we all received hugs from just about every church member. 🙂 Before the service started, we also got to walk around the community with one of the church leaders. We were warmly welcomed into a family’s home, despite showing up completely unannounced. That is very normal for Brasilian culture, we hear. The family hosted us for conversation and cake, and we even found out that Mary Claire and our host share the same birthday (TOMORROW!). The people we have met so far have blown us away with their kindness and hospitality.

In the past few days, we also bussed around Recife, bought food and crafts at markets and enjoyed a walk down the beach. We are gradually getting used to the frequent mosquito bites, HUMID weather and random downpours (that usually only last a few minutes). I think it’s safe to say we are all enjoying our time in Brasil so far and can’t wait to hit the ground running tomorrow.

Thanks so much for all of your prayers and support! We’ll be checking in soon with news from Carenguejo! 🙂 Now for a few pictures…


It's a rough life at the Brasilian beach...

It’s a rough life at the Brasilian beach…

(back) Angela, Mateo, Brian, Heather, Enikeli, Bekah, Mary Claire, Emmanuel (front) Deborah, Cristiano, Fabio

(back) Angela, Mateo, Brian, Heather, Enikeli, Bekah, Mary Claire, Emmanuel
(front) Deborah, Cristiano, Fabio


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2 thoughts on “The first few days…

  1. Karina on said:

    aiiii que lindo!!!! I love this! I am so so proud of you all…i’m weeping looking at these photos!!! beijos, Karina

  2. Fabio on said:

    I am glad you are enjoying this time here in Brazil.

    Keep going !

    God Bless you all

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