SPRINT Brazil 2013

Seattle Pacific University students learning and serving alongside local leaders in Brazil.

Update from Brejo


This is Mary Claire and Bekah, here for an update on our last week, spent in the interior.

We spent last weekend in Caruaru, a major city in the interior. Our time there was spent with a sweet family who also hosts a house church. Our weekend was filled with lots of extended family in small spaces, DELICIOUS food, and the the children of the community. We played a very muddy game of Brazilian dodgeball–the rain cannot stop our fun! We also got to participate in their Sunday evening service with a bilingual rendition of Hosanna.

After a weekend of community involvment in Caruaru, we traveled to a Assentimento in Brejo. This is a quick update of our time here, but we will give a more detailed update later of our time in the Assentimento! The thirty-five families who live here obtained this land from the government, after camping outside of it for two years (to motivate the government). The six of us are staying at five different houses, and our homestay families have warmly welcomed us in. Most of them are related, so it feels like we have been adopted into one big extended family! The assentimento has been without electricity for seven years, until just last week! Right now, running water is slowly being installed in the homes. The pace of our days has been fairly slow, in a nice way. Our time has been spent entering in to the everyday normalcy of this community, rather than focusing on big projects. We are learning so much about what it means to love freely and fully. We experience this everyday from our host families as they serve us without reservation, despite our short relationship and limited communication.

We have about seven days left here, before returning to Recife. We look forward to more time deepening our relationships with the people of Assentimento Baraunas. More updates in a week! Thanks for your continued prayer and support!


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5 thoughts on “Update from Brejo

  1. Wayne Ogimachi on said:

    thanks for the good report. we’re happy to hear things are going so well. you are in our prayers.

  2. Karina on said:

    Wahooo!!!!! Love you all 🙂

  3. Ron and Judy Anderson on said:

    Thank you for sharing your adventure with us. Love ya!

  4. Phylis Ritscher on said:

    MC!! and everyone – been praying and thinking about you so much! I’m trying to listen for and picture things behind your words so I can be there with you. Can’t wait to hear more….

  5. I think this cool, this trip of yours, chi good for you to know a little bit about our life of Brazilians, more so than the poorest half, know the culture, hopefully in GOD, WITH THESE NEW walks here will make all new good-hearted people and love to neighbor, to know and learn to be diferent, made the little boy jesus christ … evangelical college, and good to study the word of God because he and wonderful with all kids,,, GOD LOOK AT ALL .. in the Brazil are cheerful and have courage, make friends fast and have affection and love to the host father, my father god… bye ,, beijos e uma boa noite a todos queridos ,,, ele nós ama, ele nós amou jesus cristo ,, todos os dias a cada estante,, gostamos de tratar bem todos ao redor ,, mesmo si não nós conhecemos.. e bom fazer diferença na cultura.. pelo que os outros pensam..oque muitos acham engraçado e realidade… não e bom rir do que os outros vivem,,, e realidade . pois deus saber oque faz na hora certa,,living the different with new friends, I am following this site since the beginning. 😉 (^^^) 🙂

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