SPRINT Brazil 2013

Seattle Pacific University students learning and serving alongside local leaders in Brazil.

Our week in Riacho!

Boa noite!

This is Brian with a quick update about our time here in Riacho de Prata, a community in the Recife area.  We have been here since Monday, and will leave tomorrow afternoon for Janga.

We have only been here for six days, but it feels that we have been here much longer.  Most of our time has been spent participating in activites of the local Mennonite church here.  Cristiano (who pastors the church) and his wife Angela and their two daughters have been our main hosts for the week.  Kevin, Emmanuel, and myself have stayed in their home, while Mary Claire and Bekah stayed with another woman in the community, and Heather yet another family.  We have all been blessed with welcoming families, lots of wonderful food, and moments of realizing why the people here say that God is Brazilian (otherwise why would he have given them such beautiful beaches?).

With the church we helped to prepare and serve soup for a soup kitchen that the church runs, helped–to some extent–to lay brick for a newer portion of the church–we sorted a whole bunch of recycling, we participated in worship services–Kevin preached this evening!–took a trip to the beach (after being rainied out on our first attempt), visited the homes of families around the community, and ultimately had the chance to see how this church is serving this community by being a part of it.  We also visited an English class and had the chance to make an American meal for Cristiano and Angela´s family (fettuccine alfredo, which is really italian, but whatever, and chocolate chip cookies).

Emmanuel (and most of the rest of us to some exent) is still gripped by the novella Amor e Vida, we all have a few too many mosquito bites to count, and most of all are feeling blessed by the community that has allowed us to join in life with them this past week.

We´re not able to upload pictures right now, but will hopefully do so soon! (There might be pictures from our friends here on facebook if that´s your thing.)  We can use prayers for continued good health and for eyes to see and ears to hear God in the midst of our time here.

Ate mais tarde!


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3 thoughts on “Our week in Riacho!

  1. Karina on said:

    you can all come over and watch Amor e Vida at my house when you get back!!! Praying for you all….SO excited that you are hanging out in Riacho! I loved it there!

  2. Just call the fettuccine ‘freedom noodles’ and you’ll be fine.

    Much love!

  3. very good all silver creek I think it was fun, despite the six days went by so fast, and all with lots of activities to do in the church and community action, it seemed like we already knew each other, with all a good time. .. toward a new, interesting .. I think, I asked rebekah and mary claire, our less than 1 week .. and then went to janga, fun at the beach Saturday, and Sunday we made a video, kkkk 🙂 :); : 😉 very friendly… together

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